GBU 101/BUS 101 – Introduction to Business/Nature of Business
A survey of modern business practices. The course explores business areas including management, marketing, accounting, and finance. The course is designed to help prepare students for future business courses and assist students in deciding whether to choose business as a career.

CCT 270 – Entrepreneurship
A survey of entrepreneurship in the global economy. The processes of innovation, idea generation, and evaluation. Analysis for creating and launching a new business, based on the economic environment and types of business ownership.

CCT 200 – Word Processing Applications
Development of basic word processing skills using computers. Emphasis on document building, text editing, formatting, saving and retrieving files, search, replace, and the column features.

CCT 201/BUS 207 – Professional Communication/Fundamentals of Professional Business Communication
Principles and practices of modern professional communication; various types of professional letters and reports are studied; emphasis on writing letters and reports.

CCT 250 – Integrated Office Software
Introduction to integrated office software applications.

CCT 290 – Office Systems Applications
Emphasis on advanced applications of integrated office software as productivity tools.

CCT 300W/BUS 301W – Managerial Reports/Fundamentals of Formal Communication
A writing-intensive study of applications of communication theory, research methods, and information technology to communication within organizations.  It includes common communication tasks faced by managers; communication task and audience analysis; collecting, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting data.  The course emphasizes written and oral reporting.

CCT 302 – Desktop Publishing
This course focuses on the development of business document design techniques using Windows and desktop publishing software. Upon completion of the course, the student will have developed a critical awareness concerning effective publication design elements. The student will develop proficiency with desktop publishing InDesign software, design, graphics, and page assembly.

CCT 310 – International Business Communication
Characteristics of cultural differences that alter communication symbols and meanings for international business activity. Topics include culture profiles and conducting business, business protocol, international documents/U.S. documents, negotiation strategies, and oral presentations to intercultural business audiences.

CCT 550/750 – Integrated Corporate Communication (Graduate Class)
Examines effective integrated communication skills to achieve organizational objectives.  Emphasizes the analysis and application of communication processes and strategies for managerial decision-making.  Examines the change process, corporate culture, and crisis issues.  Provides training components.

CCT 570/770 – Web Design (Graduate Class)
Advanced development of business document design techniques with an emphasis on web design and multi-media resources. Geared for education, small offices or businesses, personal use, and not-for-profit organization.

CCT 850 – Business Research and Communication (Graduate Class)
Business research design and methodology, report writing, oral presentations, communication strategies for organizations.

AD 101 – Introduction to Microcomputer Applications
Fundamentals of an integrated business applications program in a networked Windows environment.

AD 222 – Microcomputer Applications for Business
Using the microcomputer to perform business applications using word processing, web page, page design, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software.

MGT 202/WED 302 – Business Communications
Creating and managing written and oral administrative communications including the analysis, planning, and practice of composing different types of internal and external communications in various administrative and business contexts. To successfully complete this course, a communication competency examination (additional fee required) must be passed with at least 70 percent accuracy prior to the University course drop date.

AD 341 – Information Systems Procedures
Integration of specialized procedures to manage information support systems.

CI 487 – Web-based Applications for Teachers and Instructors (Graduate Class)
Survey of trends and developments and laboratory instruction in the use of Web-based applications representative of those used by teachers, education specialists, or instruction in educational settings. An emphasis is placed upon developing skills used by teachers, education specialists, or instructors that enhance and facilitate the education processes within a Web-based learning environment.